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Shrek: Extra Large

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When you beat Merlin and unlock the codes in the pause menu, you will be able to go inside the Nintendo Gamecube through the places listed below:
Prince's Castle: Go inside the window and try to get back, but miss.
Creepy Crpyt: Go on the church, then press R and L a lot to the north.
Mother Goose Land: Go to the farm and press R and L to any direction.


Defeating Merlin:
Kick all of Merlin's soldiers into the T.N.T. pit. Then, use all of the T.N.T.s to burn down the doors. When you reach Merlin, super punch all of the spells, but do not super punch the T.N.T. Grab the T.N.T., go near the crystal ball, and flame the T.N.T. Go up the stairs and flame Merlin three times. Then, go down and flame Merlin two times. If you defeat Merlin, you will hear him say ''Ohh. never saw that coming''.
Finding the last egg: The last egg is located in the same place where found find Little Red's basket in the falls.

Submitted by: Ian Maude and Steven Pinberry

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