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Nintendo GameCube GC Game Cheats

Rocket Power: Beach Bandits

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Go to the options menu and choose "Cheats". Answer the series of seven questions with the following to unlock the entire game: 1. Squid. 2. Conroy. 3. Tito Makani. 4. Maurice. 5. Ocean Shores. 6. Otto. 7. Eddie:Prince of the Netherworld.


Go to the Cheats screen in the option menu, then answer the multiple choice question with:
C, A, B, C, B, C and C.
At the Zine screen all the levels are open.


Unlock Pi:
Collect 20 Gold Coins to unlock Pi.
Unlock Spurtz: Collect 30 Gold Coins to unlock Spurtz, Pi's friend.
Unlock Lars: Collect 40 Gold Coins to unlock Lars.
Unlock Eric Golem Jr.: Collect 50 Gold Coins to unlock Eric Golem Jr.
Unlock Eddie: Collect 60 Gold Coins to unlock Eddie.
Unlock Bonuses: Get 750 on the Shooting Gallery and The Brains That Ate California for two Gold Coins and two episodes of Rocket Power.

Submitted by: StaN.E and CheatBookJon

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