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Nintendo GameCube GC Game Cheats
Resident Evil 2
Also known as: BioHazard 2
Alt. name(s): RE2, RE 2, Bio Hazard 2

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Begin game play then press Start to display the options screen.
Select the 'Button Config' option. Highlight 'Aim' then hold R and press:
Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z
The white boxes around 'Config' and "Aim" should change to red to confirm correct code entry.

Extreme battle mode:
Complete both of either character's scenarios with an "A" rank, then go to the "Special" option. A new "Extreme battle mode" selection will be unlocked.
Play as Hunk: Complete both of either character's scenarios with an "A" rank.
Play as Tofu: Complete both of either character's scenarios with an "A" rank, and Hunk's scenario with any rank.
Play as Ada Wong in extreme battle mode: Complete extreme battle mode level 1 as any character.
Play as Chris Redfield in extreme battle mode: Complete extreme battle mode level 2 as any character.

Unlimited weapons:
Complete either character's first scenario in under 2.5 hours with an A or B ranking for the special rocket launcher. Complete either character's second scenario in under 2.5 hours with an A or B ranking for the special gatling gun. Complete either character's second scenario in under 3 hours with an A or B ranking for the special machine gun. The special weapon will appear in the next game after the first chest is opened.
Shotgun or crossbow: When playing as Leon go to the gun shop with the man. He will almost shoot you. After he dies because of the zombies, kill them. Then go up to the dead man and press Action. You should get a shotgun. If playing as Claire you will get the crossbow.
Rebecca Chambers picture: Walk into the S.T.A.R.S office, go to the back of the room and click on the desk with the "This desk is trashed someone must of searched it" description. Search the desk fifty times to find a photo of Rebecca Chambers as a basketball player.
Safe code: The code for the safe in the room with the double blue doors is 4542.
Access to secret room: To get into the room with the fingerprint access, you must get the Red Umbrella Key card and go into the room with the bugs in it. Go to the computer and type in "Nemesis" as a user name. It will take your fingerprint. Go to the fingerprint key pad and put your fingerprint in as the character being Leon or Claire and complete the game. Return to the fingerprint lock as the other character and do the same thing and you can go in. There are some Lickers in a glass container of liquid.
Dead Hunter: Unlock the room in the Lab which requires two people to enter. In the Culture Experiment Room is find a dead Hunter from the first Resident Evil game and a group of strange experiments.
Getting the Precinct Key: Go to the second floor, kill the Licker, and then go to the room with a door with S.T.A.R.S. written on it. Get the diary (green book), get the unicorn medal, talk to your "friend", and go down the stairs back to the fountain in the hall. Stand in front of the fountain and use the unicorn medal.
Regaining the Precinct Key: If you discarded the Precinct Key, you can regain in the room where you put the Red Jewels into the statues. Search the crates on the left side of the statue to find the it. You can also find H. Gun Ammo and an Ink Ribbon in this room.
Getting the machine gun: Play the first scenario and find the door with a small hand pad in the Umbrella Laboratory that requires two people to open. Even though you cannot get in, activate it anyway. Complete the first scenario and start the second. Find this pad again and activate it. The door will unlock and you can find a machine gun in the room.
Getting the gatling gun: Successfully complete the game in two and a half hours or less, you can pick up items (only important things such as keys, card keys and maps recommended) but do not save. The gatling gun is an awesome weapon that shoots very fast and is powerful. The downside is that you cannot aim up or down, and it takes up two spaces on the inventory screen. When you start the next scenario in the slot you used, look in one of your item boxes.

Scenario A: In the cabinet in the file room.
2. Scenario B: On the desk in the Culture Experiment room of the Lab.
3. Scenario B: On a Umbrella soldier body in the Sewer B2 Wastewater Channel (east side.
4. Scenario A: Go behind the counter of the Gun Shop, on top of the counter.
5. Scenario A: In the briefcase near the end of the Bus at the beginning.
6. Scenario B: On Hot Dog Cart on the first street.
7. Scenario A: On the table in the room with the Fans and the blue doors in the Police office.
8. Scenario A: On Jill's desk in the S.T.A.R.S. office.
9. Scenario B: On Rebbeca's desk in the S.T.A.R.S. office, near the first aid bag hanging on the wall.
10. Scenario B: In the passage with stairs just outside the Police station doors.
11. Scenario A: The Lab, in the B4 Vaccine room.
12. Scenario A: The observation room of the police station on table, the one-way glass.
13. Scenario B: In the Lab in on the desk in the P-4 Laboratory-across from the moth room.
14. Scenario B: On the table in the room were the Chief dies.
15. Scenario B: In a cabinet in the monitor room that shows the Tyrant in the Factory.
16. Scenario A: In the Library of the Police station in a bookcase on the northern upper level.

Submitted by: AJ, CheatBookJon and Z-MasterQ

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