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Nintendo GameCube GC Game Cheats

NCAA College Basketball 2K3

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The following colleges have their identities altered in the game.

College .... Alias
Alcorn State .... Jackson South
California Polytechnic .... California Coastside
Charleston Southern .... Charleston State
Denver .... Central Colorado State
Gardner-Webb College .... (none)
Grambling State .... Ouachita State
Hampton .... State University of Virginia
Howard .... Washington College
IPFW .... NC College
Lipscomb .... Tennessee College
Loyola-Chicago .... Loyola (Illinois)
Loyola-Maryland .... Maryland College
Manhattan .... Manhattan State
Morris Brown .... Atlanta College
Nicholls State .... Fontainebleu University
Northwestern Louisiana .... Northwestern State
Oakland (MI) .... Oakland Union College
Prairie View A&M .... Houston College
Sacramento State .... Central California
Sacred Heart .... Bridgeport Tech
Savannah State .... South Georgia State
St. Francis (NY) .... New York College
St. Peter's .... Garden State College
Texas Southern .... South Texas
UC Santa Barbara .... SB Del Mar State
UNC-Asheville .... NC A&M

Submitted by: Paul Stewart

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