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Nintendo GameCube GC Game Cheats

NBA Courtside 2002

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Do a pump fake. When the CPU player jumps, drive the ball in for a basket.
You can also drive to the basket and pass it out for a well lined up 3 pointer.
The CPU players should all scramble to the paint.


To get more points for created player, start a game on the 12 minute setting.
Allow the CPU to play, then at the end switch over to your created person's team.
You will get all the points.

Slam dunk: Select arcade mode and choose a team.
When playing, get close to the basket, not under but slightly off to the side or front.
Press A + Analog-stick Up.
If done correctly, you should go around any defenders and make an awesome slam dunk.
Alley-oop or slam dunk: When you are in your own zone and you see a player from your team under the net with his hand up, press B to pass to him. Then, immediately and rapidly press A (Shoot) and the player under the net will either do a alley-oop or slam dunk the ball.
Spin move: When you have the ball on offense, press L then Y. Your player will dribble the ball and do a spin move at the same time.
Dribble behind back: When you have the ball on offense lightly press L then Y.
Your player will dribble the ball behind his back.

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