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Metroid Prime

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Hard Mode:
Beat Metroid Prime to unlock Hard Mode. In this mode, enemies attacks are more powerful than normal.
Multiple Endings and bonuses: Beat the game at 74% or less to get ending 1. Beat the game at 74-99% to get ending 2. Beat the game at 100% to get ending 3
Unlock Original NES Metroid/Metroid Fusion Suit: To unlock the original NES Metroid, simply beat Metroid Fusion on GBA, then link the GBA (with Fusion in it) to the GCN (with prime in it) then at the main menu of prime goto the bottom where it says GBA link bonuses or something like that. Make sure you have beaten Metroid Fusion though.
To unlock the Metroid Fusion Suit, do the exact same thing only dont beat fusion, but beat prime.
Unlock Art Gallery 1:Scan 50% of the logs in the game to unlock the first Art Gallery.
Unlock Art Gallery 2: Scan 100% of the logs to unlock the second Art Gallery.
Unlock Art Gallery 3: Beat the game on hard mode
Unlock Art Gallery 4: Collect all the items in the game.

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