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Metal Arms: Glitch in the System
MetalArms Glitch in the System

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How to unlock General Corrosive: To do this you must successfully complete the game with all secret and speed chips and General Corrosive will be unlocked as a playable character in multi-player mode.
How to unlock the original concept FMV sequence: To do this you must successfully complete the game in campaign mode.

Invincibility in a multi-player game: In any multi-player level, press Start. You can be shot at, but receive no damage. You cannot move, but it is better than dying.
God mode game glitch: In Bot Brawl mode, hack into a Mil at the same moment that you get killed. If done correctly, you will be in the Mil without a health bar. If you leave the Mil, you will die as soon as you exit. This may take some practice..
Automatically recruit a sentry: In some levels there are guns that are difficult to destroy. If you throw an EMP grenade at it, then hijack it, you can shoot with it. When you get out of the sentry, it will automatically be recruited, giving you a good advantage in the Mill City Hub, and Mill City Center levels.

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