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Men in Black II: Alien Escape
Men in Black 2 Alien Escape

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On the Title screen (when the 'Press Start Button' appears), press one of the Button Combos below to enable the Effect you require.
You will see the screen flash to confirm.
Please be Aware: Enabling a cheat will disable saves and the Combat Skills Training levels will be unavailable until you enter its cheat.

Effect .... Button Combo
Level select .... R, Y, Left, B, X, L, Left, Up, A, Down, L, X.
Invincibility .... Right, A, R, Y, Up, L, A, Left, L, B, A, R.
All Combat Skills Training levels .... X, Up, L, Left, Y, A, R, B, Right, R, X, B.
All weapons at full power .... Up, Down, A, X, R, Y, Y, Left, B, L, L, Right.
Full Beam .... Left, B, Y, Right, L, X, Left, R, R, Y.
Full Bolt .... Left, Right, Up, Down, L, B, Y, R, Left, Down, X, X.
Full Spread .... L, R, B, L, Down, Up, L, Right, Left, A.
Full Homing .... Right, Up, X, L, Left, Left, L, Left, B, Left.
Full Area Effect .... Left, A, Y, Up, A, Down, X, L, Left, R.
Do Not Drop Weapon Levels .... Down, Up, A, X, Down, Up, A, X, L, L, X, B.
Boss mode .... R, Y, Down, Down, A, L, Left, X, Right, Y, R, L.
Agent data .... Up, Down, B, R, Left, L, Right, A, R, X, Up, R.
Alien data .... X, L, B, L, Down, Y, R, Right, A, Left, R, Y.
Making Of FMV sequences .... B, L, R, B, Y, Down, X, A, Right, L, A, Up.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon

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