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Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

Mario Golf Toad Stool Tour

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On the Title Screen, press:
Start + Z
The Codes screen will now be available.
You can now enter one of the Passwords below, to enable the Effect you require.

Effect .... Password
Target Bullseye Tournament .... CEUFPXJ1
Hollywood Video Tournament .... BJGQBULZ
Camp Hyrule Tournament* .... 0EKW5G7U
Mario Open Tournament .... GGAA241H
Bowser Badlands Tournament .... 9L3L9KHR
Peach's Invitational Tournament .... ELBUT3PX

Cheat Note:
*Camp Hyrule Tournament:
The first character of the password is the number zero not a O.


Cheep Cheep tournament:
Finish the Lakitu Cup in first place.
Sands Classic tournament: Finish the Cheep Cheep tournament in first place.
Blooper Open tournament: Finish the Sands Classic tournament in first place.
Peach's Invitational tournament: Finish the Blooper Open tournament in first place.
Bowser Badlands tournament: Finish the Peach's Invitational tournament in first place.
Star Tournament: Finish the Bowser Badlands tournament in first place.
Play as Boo: Get 50 Best Badges in tournament mode.
Play as Bowser Jr.: Play the 18 Hole Birdie Challenge in the Side Games. Get a Birdie or better on all eighteen holes.
Play as Petey Pirahna: Successfully complete putting, approach, and shot practice under all three difficulty settings in the Side Games.
Play as Shadow Mario: Successfully complete the "That's a Volcano!" level in ring mode. To do this easier, play as Bowser.
Back nine holes:Birdie Challenge: Successfully complete the front nine holes in Birdie Challenge to unlock the back nine holes.
Intermediate and expert practice modes: Successfully complete novice mode in any practice to unlock the intermediate mode. Complete the intermediate mode to unlock expert mode. Note: In shot practice, expert is "Trouble Shot".

Submitted by: CheatBookJon and AJ

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