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Lost Kingdoms II
Also known as: Rune II
Alt. name(s): Lost Kingdoms 2, Rune 2

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Hidden items: Press A in front of all four statues in the cathedral; they point to a wall. Walk into this wall. It should open up, revealing a small room containing 2,000 Magic Stones, one Vampire Card, and one Plague Rat Card.
How to get Easy experience: To raise your skill level and use powerful cards such as Fafnir and Sekmet, build a deck for each element and one very powerful deck. Use the element deck for whichever element you wish to raise. If you have any legendary cards, power them up with Z and use them. Although it will probably kill you, it will raise your skill level greatly.
Temporary invincibility: Take an independent or helper card and throw it. Keep holding the card button so that it does not immediately hit the ground. As long as the card is in the air, you are invincible.
Immortality: Have a Golden Phoenix and two Rheebus. Put the two Rheebus where they can heal each other, then put the Golden Phoenix with the Rheebus. You will have immortality, but make sure you are around the Golden Phoenix.
Getting rare cards: When you unlock the Proving Grounds, you should be able to defeat each floor with ease. At the end, you get to choose rare and powerful cards.
Good ending: Defeat the unknown men and get the Stone of Sealing before you go to the castle and fight with Sol. Defeat the Body of God for the second time in the Royal Tower to view the ending.
Proving Grounds: Successfully complete and save the game. Reload the cleared game file and go to Wyht. Behind the Grenfoel Cathedral will be the Proving Grounds. It is recommended that you have some Capture cards when you enter it, as after a few levels there will be some enemies that have not appeared previously.
Reebus last forever: If you send out two or more Reebus at a time directly next to each other, they will heal each other and never die unless they are hit by something that will kill them in one hit. If done correctly, you are now able to transform into a transform card. If you are low on life, then go back to the Reebus and they will heal you. Note: This is best done in versus mode.

Submitted by: Andy S, AJ, -Kelty- and CheatBookJon

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