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Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
LOTR Fellowship of the Ring

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Easy money:
On the East Road just out of Hobbiton (past the woodsman who trades his dagger for pipeweed), on the ledge above the stumps that summon the elves is a house. Enter it and walk up to the bookcase. Press Action and a gold coin will appear. Leave the house and re-enter. Another gold coin will be there. Repeat this to get as many coins as needed.
Moria: To complete the 21st floor in Moria, step on the four platforms in the center of the room. They have to be stepped on in a certain order for them to stay down. Start on the right of the statue in the center of the platforms. Make sure you are next to his right hand, or it will not work. Next, step on the first one. It will show a blue light. If you step on the correct one, you will also see the door you need to exit from. Step on the center part of the platforms then run to the next one in a counter clockwise action. You do not have to worry about the Cave Trolls because the others will take care of them. This does not work all the time. You have to be patient and it will eventually work.
Amon Hen: Defeating the Ring Wraith: When you fight the Ring Wraith on the Balrog, there is a tower with steps that you can walk up. If you stay up there, the Balrog cannot hurt you, except when it takes flight.
Silver pin: At the start of the game if you talk to Ted Sandyman, he will say that he is looking for a silver pin. The pin is hidden in the weathervane over by the river. You will see another Hobbit there. Talk to him. He will ask you to throw a rock at the weathervane to get it to move again. When hit, he will give you the silver pin.

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