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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Also known as: Zelda no Densetsu: Kaze no Takuto

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Locations: Hints and Tips
Locations and location-specific hints and tips

Medli will give you your first bottle before entering the Dragon Roost Cavern.
Two: After defeating Dragon Roost Cavern, go to section E6 and find a submarine. Defeat all the monsters inside to claim your prize.
Three: When you get a letter from Beedle about a sale, go to section C2. Look for his ship. He will sell you a bottle for 500 rupees. You can also buy a heart piece and map there.
Four: Go to Windfall Island at night. Talk to the girl next to Zunari's shop. She will tell you to go away. Do so and she will start to run. Follow her at a safe distance. When she stops, find somewhere to hide. At the end of her run, she will try to open a chest. Creep up on her. If done correctly, she will ask you some questions. Answer them all with the first choice.


There are six Giant Squid hidden throughout the ocean. You can see where they are by looking for seagulls flying in a circle over the water. When you sail your boat in the correct spot, a Giant Squid will appear. To defeat the squid, lock onto the eyes with the boomerang. The following is a list of Giant Squids and their rewards:
Four Eyed Squid: (4,A) Great Fairy: 2x Magic Meter
Eight Eyed Squid: (1,B) 100 Rupees
Eight Eyed Squid: (5,C) 100 Rupees
Eight Eyed Squid: (6,E) 100 Rupees
Twelve Eyed Squid: (3,E) Heart Container
Twelve Eyed Squid: (6,G) Heart Container


There are a total of seven submarines located in the sea. The following is a list of all seven and what you receive for completing them:
Submarine 1: (3,A) Treasure Map 14
Submarine 2: (7,A) Heart Container
Submarine 3: (6,C) Bottle
Submarine 4: (4,D) Heart Container
Submarine 5: (7,F) Red Map, Watch Tower Locations
Submarine 6: (3,G) Treasure Map 22
Submarine 7: (5,G) Treasure Map 9


There are six songs that you must learn in the game. Note: "Center" indicates that the C-stick should not be moved at that part of the song.
Wind's Requiem: Rhythm: 3-time. Notes: Up, Left, Right. Location: Dragon Roost Island, near the shrine in the back of the island. Take out the Wind Waker to learn the song. Effect: This song lets you change the direction of the wind.
Ballad of Gales: Rhythm: 4-time Notes: Down, Right, Left, Up. Location: Somewhere in the sea is a red frog that will teach this song to you. Look for a very large whirlwind. Shoot him with arrows to get him to teach you the song. Effect: Lets you warp from one island to another. This only works if you are in your boat.
Command Melody: Rhythm: 4-time. Notes: Left, Center, Right, Center. Location: Inside the Tower of the Gods. Effect: Allows you to take control of some people and objects.
Earth God's Lyric: Rhythm: 6-time. Notes: Down, Down, Center, Right, Left, Center. Location: Stone tablet on Headstone Island. Effect: Grants you access to the Earth Temple.
Wind God's Aria: Rhythm: 6-time. Notes: Up, Up, Down, Right, Left, Right. Location: Stone tablet on Headstone Island. Effect: Grants you access to the Wind Temple.
Song of Passing: Rhythm: 3-time. Notes: Right, Left, Down. Location: On Windfall Island, from a Tott on a hill. Effect: Lets you change the time of day.


Ghost ship:
Go to Crescent Isle on a full moon and wait awhile. You should see a green ship that resembles Tetra's. Note: It can shoot cannon balls at you.


Island: Map:
After you get the Hookshot, go to Diamond Steppe Island. Once there, you will find the map that will enable you to get on the Ghost Ship.


Dazed Medli:
When visiting Dragon Roost Island For the first time, do everything up until you get to toss Medli to the other side of the spring. Miss throwing her and make her hit a wall. Stars will appear like when you place a high bid in the auctions, and she will say "Link, I didn't know you were triplets" or something to that effect. This will not affect your adventure in any way if you toss her correctly the next time on the inclined rock facing, and the wind is blowing north.
Rupees: After you get the Bomb Pouch (which makes it easier) go to Dragon Roost Island. Go to the part of the island near the Wind Shrine and bomb the large rock there. Drop down the hole that is revealed and complete the simple puzzle of defeating enemies. Your prize for completing this is 50 rupees. However, many jars are also in there, containing another 40 rupees that regenerate every time you enter that room. In about twenty minutes, you can have about 750 rupees easily.
Rupees (2): If you do not have the Bait Bag, buy it from the man who has a boat which is a store. Get the Pear, and use it to take control of a Seagull. Fly up the wall where there is a line of Bomb Plants leading to a rock ledge with a chest on it. Run into one of the Bomb Plants. This will set off the chain and break the ledge. Return control to Link, and the chest will be near the signs with an up arrow on it.
Rupees (3): Talk to the postal worker at the top floor. When speaking with him, you will get the chance to help him sort letters within a time limit. He will pay you depending on how many you sort in that time. Note: After awhile you will have to break your records to get paid.
Unlimited Joy Pendants: Go to Dragon Roost Cavern after you get the Grappling Hook. Go inside and get to the part with the Bokoblins. Do not kill them yet. Use the Grappling Hook to steal their Joy Pendants. Go outside, then enter again. Repeat this as many times as desired. This is extremely useful if you are trying to get the Hero's Charm.
Unlimited Joy Pendants (2): Complete the Dragon Roost dungeon, making sure to uncover the Warp Pots with green and yellow smoke coming out of them. Then, return with the Grappling Hook. Steal the Joy Pendants from both of the Bokoblins with your grappling hook and jump through the green portal. Then, jump back through the portal you just came from and get the Joy Pendants again. Repeat this as many times as needed. This is a very useful when getting the Hero's Charm and Cabana Deed.


Refill magic:
When you are running low on magic, find one of the flowers that shoots you high into the air. Jump into it. Do not tilt the Analog-stick in any direction. Allow yourself to be thrown up and down several times and your magic will be refilled.


Avoid getting caught:
To avoid getting caught by the spotlights, find where the spotlight is located. Go to the stairs, and kill the person controlling it with a stick in one of the pots.
Avoid getting caught (2): When there are blue enemies with large lips walking through the hallways, pick up the barrels (which should be at the beginning of each hallway) and Link will drop them over himself. When the blue enemies are not looking, walk while under the barrel to reach your goal.


After you complete the four courses at the beginning of the dungeon, go to the room with the candles and jump down the pit. What follows is similar to a maze. First, go to the door in the back. Then, go to the following doors in these directions: left, foward, left, right, and foward. You will now encounter Phantom Ganon. Hit the balls he throws at you with your sword. He will hit it back and you will need to hit it back at him. Keep doing this until he gets hits. He will become stunned. Run up to him and hit him with your sword. He will disappear, and a chest will appear .Inside are Light Arrows. You will encounter him again soon, but you just need to hit him with the Light Arrow once to defeat him.
Two: Once you have passed the first room with the four bosses in Ganon's Tower, you will reach a room with three doors; two normal doors on the left and right side of the room, and one large one in the middle which you cannot open yet. First, go through the door on the right and drop into the large hole in front of you. Once in the next room, you will have to fight Phantom Ganon. This time, you will only have to hit him once or twice to kill him. Once you have defeated the Phantom in that room, pay attention to which way his sword falls down. Once it is on the ground, look at the direction that the handle of the sword is pointing at. This indicates which room door you need to go through next. After repeating this a few more times, you will leave the maze and enter another room, where you again have to fight a weak Phantom Ganon. Defeat him, open the chest to receive the Light Arrows, and go back up to the main area via the transporter. Once in the main room, use the Light Arrow to kill Phantom Ganon in one shot. Pick up his sword and strike the wall with the picture of the pig Ganon on it. You have now passed the Phantom Ganon Maze section of Ganon's Tower.


There are two pictures inside near the entrance. On the right, there is the king. On the left, there is Princess Zelda with a group of assistants who all coincidentally look like Tetra's pirates.


Unlimited Knight's Crests:
When going inside Ice Ring Isle for the first time, uncover the Iron Boots then walk past the blowing wind. You will find a hole. Go inside it. You will see a number of enemies frozen. Do not unfreeze them. Just unfreeze the Knight. After killing the Knight, he will give you a Knight's Crest. Leave the hole , then go back down. The Knight will be there, frozen again. Unfreeze him, and kill him, get another Knight's Crest, and repeat as many times as needed.


Fire and Ice Arrows:
In order to get the Ice and Fire Arrows, you will first need the bow and arrow. Next, fill up to maximum with arrows. Set sail and find a big cyclone that resembles a tornado. Sail directly into it and there will be an intermission sequence showing a giant frog on a pink cloud. He will be in the center of the cyclone. Shoot him three times with the arrows. This is difficult because your boat is moving constantly and the wind is strong enough to blow your arrows off course. After hitting him three times he will teach you a melody that allows you to control his cyclones. Call his cyclone and have it take you to Mother And Child Island. It will drop you in a fairy pool, and the Great Fairy will give you the Fire and Ice Arrows. By doing so, you will also get to travel across the sea quicker.
Fire and Ice Arrows (2): These arrows help you get strength (Fire Mountain) and weight; like a stone (Ice Ring Isle). The strength and weight help you get inside those two temples to get the Master Sword's power to repel evil back.


5,000 Rupee Pouch:
On the very top of Outset Island, float across the gap with the Deku Leaf. Bomb the rock in front of the cave and talk to the Great Fairy. She will give you the Rupee Pouch.
Rupees: There is a big house behind Orca's house. Talk to the blonde woman. She will tell you she wants a pet for her kids. Crawl up to a pig, pick it up, and throw it into the pen where the woman is located. She will reward you with rupees. Collect all the pigs and she will keep rewarding you for each of them.
Rupees (2): On Outset Island or almost any beach, look for little crabs. They will hide when you are too near. However, if you act quickly and hit them rapidly, you will get one to five rupees.
Rupees (3): Note: You must have the Tingle Tuner and a Game Boy Advance link cable for this trick. Use a Tingle Bomb on the farthest ledge near Link's House. Fly over to the ledge and there will be a new large pot there. Break it with your sword. There will be a orange rupee worth 100 rupees there. You can drop down and enter Link's house, come out again, and repeat this for as many rupees as desired. Note: This is the answer to the riddle from the Tingle Statue's Passwords.
Rupees (4): Sail to Outset Island and climb the rocks behind your house. Sidle over to the next rock and set the wind to the west. Use the Deku Leaf to sail to the next rock. Make sure your Tingle Tuner is on and Tingle Bomb the "!" location. A large pot should appear, containing 100 rupees. Then, use the Song Of Passing to change the time of day. The pot will reappear, allowing you to get 100 more rupees. Repeat this as many times as desired.
Triforce Chart and Heart piece: You must have Power Bracelets, a Mirror Shield, and the Hookshot/Deku Leaf. If you have the Hookshot, go to where Grandma's house is located and travel to the right. Use your Hookshot on the tree in order to reach the area where the head-shaped rock is located. If you have a Deku Leaf, go on top of the bridge, change the wind direction to west, and glide down to the area. Lift the rock and enter the hole. Defeat all the enemies and enter into the next hole. Continue for about twenty minutes. You should find a chest with a Triforce Chart inside. Use your shield to reflect light on a large statue. It will crumble and reveal a hole. Enter it and defeat all the enemies, then enter the hole when the fire disappears. The levels get more difficult; bring fairies. At the last one, you will receive a Heart piece. You must complete all fifty levels in order to get the heart.
Hero's Sword: You must have a training session with Orca. He will not give it to you until your sister is kidnapped. It is best that you see her first.
Hurricane Spin attack: Go to Outset Island and give Orca ten Knight Crests and he will teach you the Super Spin Attack. To perform it, hold B, wait until it fully charges, then release. Link will then spin rapidly for six seconds.
Heart piece: Talk to the old man who gave you your first sword. He will ask if you want to fight him .Choose "Yes". Hit him 500 times without getting hit 3 times and he will give you a Heart piece. If you hit him 1000 times, he will cry and call you master.
Heart piece (2): When the pig is fat, if you have the Power Bracelets you can pick him up. Take him across the wooden bridge and drop him on the black dirt. Spread all purpose bait around him and make him dig. He will dig up a Heart piece.
Mad Orca: Go to Ocra's house (the person that gave you your first sword) and hit him six times without talking to him.
Digging pig: Throw the pig in the pen then complete the Wind and Earth temples. Go back and the pig will be a lot bigger. Throw some bait in front of it, and it will dig.


Finding the Tingle Tuner (GBA):
When you get to Taura Island, you will find Tingle trapped in a jail cell. Set him free by smashing all the jars in the corner of the room and step on the switch. After a discussion, Tingle will give you the map to Tingle Island and the Tingle Tuner. You can now use your Game Boy Advance to communicate with Tingle.

Purchasing the Sail:
While on Windfall Island, you will meet an Eskimo named Zunari. He will offer you an item named "That" for 80 rupees. Buy "That" to find out it is the Sail. The Sail is required to use the King of Red Lions.
Hero Charm: After you have completed the hide 'n' seek game on Windfall Island, you will be able to give Ms. Marie (the teacher) Joy Pendants. Give her 41 pendants and you will receive the Hero Charm. This allows you to see enemies' hit points.
Cabana Deed: Speak to the schoolteacher, Ms. Marie. She will tell you a story about the boys that do not want to attend her class. Speak to the four boys outside (a.k.a. the Killer Bees). Agree to play their game of hide 'n' seek. After catching all of them, they will give you a Heart Piece. After you play their game, talk to the schoolteacher. She will tell you of her obsession with jewelry. Give her twenty Joy Pendants and she will give you her Cabana Deed.
Tingle Tuner: In order to get the Tingle Tuner, walk to where the dancing man is at during the day. If you have not already gotten the Song Of Passing, talk to the man. He will say that he does not remember the rhythm. Take out the Windwaker and just sit there. Do not touch the C-stick or it will not work. He will say that he remembers the beat and shows you the Song of Passing, which turns night into day and vice versa. From the dancing man, walk straight into the building. You will find a wooden door. Enter it and a man will ask if you are a fairy. He will then ask if you will help him out of his jail cell. Go over to the left of his cell. Against the wall, there is a switch hidden by pots. Step on it to free him. After doing so, he will give you the Tingle Tuner. This will allow you and a friend to play two player mode using a Game Boy Advance link cable. At the cost of some rupees, Tingle will help Link through any dungeon.
Heart piece: When you have the Fire Arrows, go to Windfall Island and find the sort of long stairs that will guide you to a switch that turns on the windmill. Go in the night and try to turn on the big light on the top by using the little "cars". When turned it on, a chest will appear on a little island nearby. It contains a piece of Heart. Reach it with a Deku Leaf. Then, talk with the man near the windmill, and he will be happy and give you a piece of Heart.
Heart piece (2): Fire Arrows are required for this trick. Go in the door where the lady in the orange is standing next to, and where the little kids are hanging around. Go up the stairs, and through the door.Talk to the man. Make the wind blow north and talk to him again. Jump down. Where the two women are talking, look at the ledge above them. Climb the ladder that is there. Step on the switch, and the windmill should start running. Run to the ferris wheel again and jump in one of the cars. Quickly get your Fire Arrows ready. When you see a mouth on the top, quickly shoot it inside. Talk to the man, and he will give you a Heart piece.Then, a chest containing a Heart piece will appear on the small island near the Bomb Shop.
Auction: After you free the girls from the Forsaken Fortress. go to Windfall Island at night. Go to the bottom floor of the rich man's house and talk to the Eskimo. Join the auction every night, and make sure you have at least 3,000 rupees. Items that can be won include a Heart piece, Treasure Chart, and a Joy Pendant.
Swimming pig: Throw one of the pigs in the water. It will swim back to shore.
Gassy pig: There is a spotted pig that will fart green gas as you walk when picked up.

Magic Shield:
Get Flower One from Zunari on Windfall Island after defeating God's Tower. Bring it to the Goron Trader on Mother and Child Island (2,F) and he will give you Flower Two. Bring Flower Two to the Goron Trader on Great Fish Isle (2,D) and he will give you Flower Three. Bring Flower Three to Zunari and you will receive the Magic Shield. This allows you to cut damage taken in half, but also takes Magic Energy.

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