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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Also known as: Zelda no Densetsu: Kaze no Takuto

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Game Glitches

Bottomless pit: When you defeat an enemy over a bottomless pit, look down into the pit. You should be able to see what it dropped. Use the telescope if you cannot see it.
Big arrows: This trick requires the Bow and Arrow, and any item that gets a message similar to "It doesn't look like you can use this item here." Set the arrow and the item to Y, X, or Z. Go to Beedle's ship and stand on the end of it, near the opening. Turn towards the point of the ship, look down at your feet, and shoot many arrows at the ground. You will not waste your supply of arrows. Keep shooting, then immediately pull out the item after you pick up an arrow. Half of an arrow should be visible, and it looks like it could be as big as Link. If this did not happen, try again and pull out the item at different times.
Dragon Roost Island: Floating water jar:
Go to the temple. After the first room where you moved the blocks, there will be two Boblikins. Kill them so they do not break the jar. Then, get a water jar (a jar where water will appear if broken). Do not break it. Grab it and carry it over to a place where steam appears. Set it down over the steam. The steam will shoot it up and the jar will start to do flips. It will crash down onto the ground when the steam runs out, but will not break. Wait, and the steam will come up to break it again.
Dragon Roost Island: Broken Magtail: In Dragon Roost Cavern, there is a room with several water jars by the door and a Magtail (lava centipede) on an island. Throw a water jar at it to make it curl up, but do not let it fall in the lava. Next, throw a water jar onto the lava burst to create a platform. Grab the curled Magtail and ride the platform to the top. Throw the Magtail onto the wooden bridge and wait for it to uncurl. If done correctly, it will crawl up the wall and onto the ceiling. When it reaches the wall with the corner outward, it will float segment-by-segment back up the wall, crawl back down, and do it again. This may require a few attempts.
Forbidden Woods: Heavy or light weighters: In the dungeon are small, needle-like enemies that slow you down if they get on you. Try going to the room to the right of the four-stemmed flower to find them. In that room, defeat all enemies except for those needle-like creatures. Use your Deku Leaf to blow a gust of wind at them. Do not move until they land. Once they do so, the ones you blew will look at you. Go near the same door that you went through, but do not exit. Move around until they start jumping on you. Get enough of them on you until you are walking at the same speed as the Iron Boots. Leave the room and reenter it at least two to five times. Your speed should have returned to normal. Keep doing this if you want to until you get at least 50 to 100 of them, but be warned; either the glitch may longer work or the game may freeze.
Nintendo Gallery Island: Fly into cliff: Go as low as possible towards the plants that attack you. If you go far enough, then the game will force you to turn around. Stay as close to the cliff as possible (it should be on your right). Keep turning to the point where you are forced to turn around. If done correctly, you will turn into the cliff. You can see inside and fly into it somewhat, cannot go far.
Hyrule Castle: Link disappears: When you are in Hyrule Castle and on the bridge area where the barrier knocks you back when you run into it, do a back flip into it. Make sure you can see yourself from behind. If done correctly, Link will disappear but you will still see his shadow.
Windfall Island: Swimming pig: When you play the Pig-Sitting game, when the game is over, throw all of the pigs into the sea. Immediately start a new game. The pig on the hill will have water rippling around him, as if it is still swimming.
Frozen Link: After defeating the plant Boss, have Link stand in the middle of the flower, where a petal goes through his body. This makes him unable to walk in the next scene. If this happens, the game will not continue at all after defeating the Boss, and must be reset.
Invisible Link: When you go to the city below the sea, go to the invisible wall and run into it. Quickly turn the camera to Link's legs. He will be invisible until he gets up.

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