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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Also known as: Zelda no Densetsu: Kaze no Takuto

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Defeating Hints and Playing Tips

Forsaken Fortress Boss: When it is chasing you on top of the building, it will try to hit you with its beak. The beak will get stuck on the ground. Hit it with your Skull Hammer. Repeat this until the helmet on the beak breaks. Then repeat, but instead of using the Skull Hammer use your sword.
Ganon's Tower Boss: It will have strings on it. Hit each string with your Boomerang about two times and it will fall . Then, hit its blue ball on its tail with your Light Arrow. It will go back up. Repeat this two more times. Then, it will transform. When it jumps up, quickly look at it with the reflection in the water. Locate its blue ball on its tail and go near the side it is on. It will fall down. Shoot the blue ball with the Light Arrow. Repeat this two more times, and it will transform. L-target it, and shoot it with any arrow . Then, very quickly shoot the Light Arrow at the blue ball on its tail. Repeat this two more times until it is defeated.
God's Tower Boss: Auto lock onto the Boss' hands using your bow and fire. Then, shoot arrows at the two red eyes. When its head drops to the ground, throw a bomb into its mouth. Repeat this three times and it will fall.
Dragon Roost Island Boss: When the battle starts, use the Grappling Hook and grab on to the red tail that is hanging from the ceiling and swing across the Boss. It will cause a large boulder to drop on his head and stun him. Then, attack his eye with your sword to defeat him.
Earth Temple Boss: Use your Mirror Shield to make him become more visible and lay on his back. Then, pick him up and throw him against the wall. A group of little enemies will go everywhere. Kill as many as you can until they become the big Boss again. Repeat this until you have killed all the little ghosts.
Wind Temple Boss: Wait for its head to stick out of the ground, then pull its tongue with the Hookshot .Hit it as much as possible. It will then go around the room . Run around the room until a hole reappears . Then, repeat this until it is defeated.
Forest Haven Boss: You must first disconnect all of the roots from the ceiling using the boomerang. Work fast before the roots grow back. When it falls from the ceiling, quickly attack the weak center. After ten to twelve sword hits, the Boss will be defeated.
Beamos: When you get near one, it will start shooting a laser at you. Quickly shoot an arrow at it .There are two kinds of Beamos, blue and red. The blue Beamos only aims up and down and are easier. The red Beamos aims at you, and is more difficult to destroy.
Desert Sand Ray: Equip the Hookshot and target the tip of the purple tentacle. Once you grab the tentacle, slice it with your sword. Get back before it closes up on you and continue to Hookshot the tentacle and attack it with your sword until it dies.
Ganondorf: When Princess Zelda shoots Ganondorf with a Light Arrow, walk up and hit him with a few sword combos. Once Ganondorf receives enough damage, line yourself up with Princess Zelda, so that when she fires a Light Arrow towards you, Link can deflect it off the Mirror Shield and hit Ganondorf. Once Ganondorf is stunned, move in and hit him with your sword. Repeat this until he is defeated.
Ganondorf (2): When you finally find Zelda towards the end of the game, you will have to fight Ganondorf. Use your boomerang to cut the strings that hold up Ganondorf, then use a Light Arrow to hit the blue ball at the end of his tail. After three shots, he will turn into a spider. When he climbs the top of the room, adjust your camera to see his reflection in the water. Position yourself next to the blue ball, then wait for him to fall down. When he does, shoot his tail with your Light Arrow. He will then turn into a snake. You can hit his head with your sword. This will cause him to freeze for a moment. While he is frozen, you can shoot the blue ball with your Light Arrow. He moves very fast ; do not hesitate to shoot him with your arrows.
Ganondorf (3): Zelda will shoot Ganondorf with your Light Arrows. Start by avoiding Ganondorf 's attacks until he gets hit by the Light Arrow. He will be stunned -- quickly hit him with your Master Sword. Repeat this until he comes up to Zelda and hits her. Start hitting Ganondorf with Parry Attacks until Zelda wakes up. She will try to hit Ganondorf with the Light Arrows, but he dodges them. Avoid Ganondorf's attacks until Zelda says something. Now, she will use the Light Arrows to hit your Mirror Shield. When you see her aiming the Light Arrow at you, hold up your Mirror Shield. Once it hits your shield, it will hit Ganondorf. When he is stunned, approach him and wait for him to try to hit you. When he does, do a Parry Attack to defeat him.
Defeating Orca: When you return to Outset Island to find the last pearl, go to Orca's house. He will challenge you to fight. You must hit him one hundred times without getting hit three times. The best way is to lure him to the center, do two sword combos, then parry. Afterwards you must hit him three hundred times.
Phantom Ganon: After your second encounter at Forsaken Fortress, you will have to battle Phantom Ganon. When he hurls an energy ball at you, hit it back with your sword. After defeating him, you will get a Skull Hammer.
Zeetlock: After escaping the flood, use the Magic Hammer and hit Zeetlock to make him fall into the water. When it tries to perform a beak smash on you, dodge it and its beak will get stuck, making it weak. Smack it with the hammer until its helmet cracks off. Now strike Zeetlock's head with your sword to defeat it.

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