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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Also known as: Zelda no Densetsu: Kaze no Takuto

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Cheats and Unlocking Hints


Infinite health trick:
This trick requires two bottles, and a telescope. Follow the steps below..
1. Go to Grandma's and fill one bottle with Elixir.
2. Set the bottle of Elixir to Y. Press Start + Y, then put an empty bottle in Y, where elixir was located.
3. You will now have two bottles all together; one bottle full of Elixir, and one bottle half filled with Elixir.
4. Set the full Elixir back to Y. Press Y + Start, then select the telescope on Y. You will drink the Elixir, but keep a whole bottle.
You can be repeat this as many times as needed.

Name Cheat: Different background music:
When you begin a game, enter your name as the name below:
Now, when you begin a new game you will hear a slightly different background music.


Different costumes and DX camera: Successfully complete the game and save at the end. Start another game with that saved game file. Ayril will be wearing the skull shirt from the ending, Link will wear his pajamas from the beginning all the way through the game, and the pictograph that takes color pictures will be in your inventory.
Different costumes and DX camera (2): Successfully complete the game once to get "invisible" clothes from Grandma for Link to put on over his PJ's. Some Outsetians will say different things.
Different costumes and DX camera (3): Successfully complete the game the first time. When asked if you want to make another save file, answer "Yes". When you play the new game, the Pictograph Box will be in your inventory.
Different costumes and DX camera (4): Successfully complete the game three times on all three slots. Note: You cannot copy one game three times. After you have three completed games, restart the game in the second slot. You will be able to choose the color of Link's clothes.
Different background music: Successfully complete the game. You can hear the slightly different background music, just the same if you entered "Zelda" as your name.
Understand Hyrulian language: Successfully complete the game. This allows you to understand the ancient language of Hyrule. When you talk to the gods such as Valoo and Jabun, you will understand what they are saying.

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