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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Bonus Disc)
Also known as: Ura Zelda (Bonus Disc)

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Patterned blocks:
When you come across a patterned block, e.g the ones in the Fire Temple with the strange faces, let Navi fly over to it before 'L Targeting it'. If she simply says: 'Whats that???' the hit it with your Hook/Longshot to find items such as Magic Power and Deku Nuts. This is also how you find items and chests in the Water Temple.
First Boss password:
In the room before the first Boss, hit the enemies in this order: 2, 3, 1. In Master Quest, use 3, 1, 2.
Defeating the first Boss: Shoot her in the eye when it is red. If you do not, her babies will attack you.
Forward flip:When you get the Hover Boots, equip them. Remember that the Hover Boots have little traction, so you will slide when you run and stop. Begin running, quickly release the Analog-stick, and hold R + Back + A. You will be in a backflip stance, but will go forwards instead of back.
Mario and friends: Go to the garden in the castle. Go to the right and look in the window.
Bowser's face: Look at the object on Malon's neck.
Angry man: In the castle garden, shoot the left window. A man will throw a bomb at you.
Charge your Spinning Blade technique without wasting magic: During the game play, switch to your sword, then repeatedly rotate the Analog-stick while repeatedly pressing B. Eventually, Link will do his attack.
Stab: To stab things, hold L + Up and attack.

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