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Nintendo GameCube GC Game Cheats
Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
Also known as: Zelda no Densetsu 4tsu no Ken+

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How to get the Shadow Battle bonus arenas: To get these you need to successfully complete the Hyrulean Adventure and you will unlock the last five Shadow Battle arenas.

How to get Tingle Tower easily: After you complete a world, go back to it with two people. You will get an invitation to Tingle's Tower.
How to defeat giant warriors: When you are battling the giant warriors, if you have a Roc's Feather jump over them and press B for an instant kill.
Break line: To break the line of customers in area 2 of level 2, use the boots to run into the line. The people will briefly move away; hurry to the other side.
Secret World: In some areas in level 2, there will be places that flash and have a certain sound when you are near them. This indicates that you need a Moon Pearl to go into the 'secret world' where all of the children are located.
Rounding up thieves: To round up the thieves in Level 5 Area 2, stun them with your sword then pick them up with R. Bring them to the screen with a house and four treasure chests. Throw them into the fence on the top right of the screen.
Victory counter: When you defeat an enemy with your sword, a number where the enemy was defeated will appear. This number indicates the number of enemies you have defeated in a row without getting hit.
Get across horizontal gaps easily: There is a way to get across horizontal gaps. The only downside is that you must be going to the right. Go to the edge of the platform then hold C-Right. When you get to the edge of the platform, get on quickly and release C-Right then press the Analog-stick Right. Note: If you press the Analog-stick Right before you get to the platform, you will fall.
Boomerang: The boomerang can be used to obtain out of reach Force Gems and other items.
Charge Arrow: The bow has a special feature in which you can charge your shot. Once the arrow is charged, shoot it, and it will be able to go through enemies without stopping (for example, Keeses).

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