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While you are at the League Office, pause the game and enter one of the Button Combos below to enable the Effect you require.

Button Combo .... Effect
Right,Down,Left,Up,Left,Left,Left,Left,Y,Left .... Get 1000 Dinars.
Down,Right,Up,Left,Left,Left,Left,Left,Y,Up .... HP up for character.
Left,Down,Right,Up,Left,Left,Left,Left,Up,Right,Down,Left .... Team berserk.
Down,Right,Up,Left,Left,Left,Left,Left,Y,Left .... Increases Defensive affinity.
Right,Down,Left,Up,Left,Left,Left,Left,Y,Y,Y .... Equip anything to Gladiators.
Right,Down,Left,Up,Left,Left,Left,Left,Y,Right .... Get Instant Experience.
Right,Right,Right,Up,Up,Left,Left,Left,Left,Right,Down,Down,Down,Down,Up .... Lower Enemies and Recruits Level.
Right,Up,Left,Down,Left,Left,Left,Left,Up,Down .... Timer to normal.
Right,Up,Left,Down,Left,Left,Left,Left,Down,Up ... Timed Battles: Faster timer.
Down,Right,Up,Left,Left,Left,Left,Left,Y,Right .... Offensive affinity UP.
Right,Left,Up,Down,Left,Left,Left,Left,Y,Y,Y .... Random encounters OFF.
Right,Left,Up,Down,Left,Left,Left,Left,A,A,A .... Random encounters back OM.
Right,Right,Right,Up,Up,Left,Left,Left,Left,Right,Up,Up,Up,Up,Down .... Get Hard Mode.
Up,Left,Down,Right,Left,Left,Left,Left,Up,Up,Up,Up .... Camera pull back.

Submitted by: AJ and CheatBookJon

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