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Nintendo GameCube GC Game Cheats

Dr. Muto

Dr Muto

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Enter one of the Passwords below as a code to enable the Effect you require.

Effect .... Password
Invincibility* .... NECROSCI
Never take damage .... CHEATERBOY
All Gadgets .... TINKERTOY
Secret Morphs .... LOGGLOGG
All Morphs .... EUREKA
Go anywhere .... BEAMMEUP
View FMV sequences .... HOTTICKET
Super ending .... BUZZOFF

*The invincibility code has no effect when you fall from high places.

Easy Isotopes:
Zap the television in Muto's house to get 10 Isotopes.
Defeating the first boss:
First of all morph and become the mouse then hit his foot with the red light on it. Now morph into the ape and smack him for as long as you can. When he gets up, stay as the ape and butt-stomp the enemies he tosses at you. Avoid the saw blades by staying to his side of behind him. Now go back to the mouse and repeat the above. Beat him up 3 times and you're done.

Submitted by: FrenchRev2002 and CheatBookJon

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