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Def Jam Vendetta
DefJam Vendetta

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On the 'Venue' select screen hold L + R + Z, then enter one of the Button Combos below to unlock the Venue you require.

Button Combo .... Venue

BAYAX .... Dragon House.
YAYYX .... Face Club After Hours.
YYYAY .... Grimeyville.
AYYAB .... Junkyard.
AAYAY .... Warehouse.
AYYXX .... Bounty Club.
XBYAY .... Club Luda.
XAYAB .... Def Jam.
BXAYY .... Def Jam Vendetta.


Follow the steps below..
1. Select the Battle Mode.
2. Choose any type of match.
3. On the User Setups menu, enter a User ID.
4. On the Character Selection screen, hold L + R + Z 
5. Keep holding L + R + Z and quickly press one of the Button Combos below to enable the Character you require.

Character .... Button Combo
Arii .... A, Y, B, X, Y.
Carla .... A, Y, A, A, A.
Chukklez .... Y, Y, B, A, X.
Cruz .... X, B, A, A, X.
D-Mob .... Y, B, Y, A, X.
Dan G .... A, X, A, X, Y.
Deebo .... X, X, A, A, B.
Deja .... X, Y, X, X, A.
DMX .... X, A, X, B, Y.
Drake .... B, Y, X, A, A.
Funkmaster Flex .... X, B, X, X, Y.
Headache .... B, B, B, Y, X.
House .... B, A, B, X, A.
Iceberg .... Y, B, X, Y, X.
Ludacris .... X, X, X, Y, B.
Masa .... A, X, B, Y, Y.
Method Man .... Y, X, A, B, X.
Moses .... B, B, Y, Y, A.
N.O.R.E. .... X, Y, B, A, X.
Nyne .... Y, X, A, A, B.
Omar .... X, X, Y, B, B.
Opal .... X, X, Y, Y, B.
Peewee .... A, A, Y, B, Y.
Penny .... A, A, A, B, X.
Pockets .... B, Y, X, Y, A.
Razor .... B, Y, B, X, A.
Redman .... X, X, B, Y, A.
Ruffneck .... A, Y, A, B, X.
Scarface .... X, Y, A, B, Y.
Sketch .... B, B, X, Y, A.
Snowman .... B, B, A, A, X.
Steel .... A, B, X, X, B.
T'ai .... X, X, Y, A, X.
Zaheer .... B, B, Y, A, A.
Briggs (alternate costume) .... A, B, X, Y, X.
Briggs (alternate costume) .... A, B, Y, A, X.
D-Mob (alternate costume) .... Y, Y, B, Y, Y.
Drake (alternate costume) .... A, B, B, X, X.
Manny (alternate costume) .... X, Y, X, Y, X.
Peewee (alternate costume) .... A, B, B, Y, X.
Proof (alternate costume) .... A, Y, B, Y, X.
Razor (alternate costume) .... Y, X, A, B, B.
Ruffneck (alternate costume) .... Y, X, B, A, Y.
Spider (alternate costume) .... Y, B, A, Y, X.


Unlock Omar:
Successfully complete story mode with all four default characters.
Unlock Deebo: Successfully complete story mode with all four default characters.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon and AJ

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