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Nintendo GameCube GC Game Cheats

Dead to Rights

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On the "New Game" screen, just after the 'Press Start" screen, hold L + R and press one of the Button Combos below to enable the Effect you require. You will see a message to confirm. Remember to read the notes at the bottom of the list about the cheats marked with a '*'. 

Effect .... Button Combo
Lazy Ass mode* .... Down, Left, Down, Y, Down
10,000 Bullets mode* .... Up, Left, Down, Right, X
Boomstick mode* .... Right, X, X, X, B
Chow Yun Jack mode .... Y, X, Up, Up, Up
Time To Pay mode .... B, B, X, X, Right
One Hit Wonder mode .... Down, X, Left, Left
Sharpshooter mode .... B, B, B, Down, Right
Wussy mode* .... B, Left, Y, Up, Down
Precursor mode* .... Up, Up, Down, Down, Up
Hard boiled mode* .... Y, B, Left, Left, X
Unlimited health .... B, Y, Left, Up, Right
Unlimited Shadow Stamina .... X, B, Y, X, Down
Unlimited adrenaline .... Left, Right, Left, X, B
Unlimited armor .... Up, Up, Up, B, Down
Unlimited dual Guncons .... Y, X, Up, Up, Up
Unlimited human shields .... B, Y, X, Y, B
Powered-up punches and kicks .... Down, X, Left, Left, Left
Double melee attack damage .... X, X, Up, Up, B
Enemies disarmed .... Right, B, Left, X, Y
Ignored by enemies .... Y, Y, Up, Up, Y

Notes about some of the cheats:
*Lazy Ass mode: This mode unlocks all levels, mini-games, and FMV sequences.
*10,000 Bullets mode: This mode allows unlimited ammunition.
*Boomstick mode: This mode has unlimited shotguns.
*Wussy mode: Enemies will be less accurate in this mode.
*Precursor mode: This mode turns off all targeting cursors, which provides more challenge and a different appearance.
*Hard boiled mode: Hard boiled mode increases challenge level significantly, especially when used with the Super Cop difficulty setting.


Defeating people without guns:
To defeat people that do not have guns easier, keep blocking and dodging. If you do not dodge, you will still get hurt. When you are in the prison, you will learn how to reverse a grab. This allows you to avoid getting hurt when they grab you. When you reverse the grab, you will throw their arms in the air. This will leave them open to attack (punch, kick, grab, etc.). However, they can still block.
Chapter 3: Spine break: When you are locked up "Iron Point" and are walking around in the hall only two or three people will be around. One of them will run up to you and say something. When you run away, they start to walk away. As they walk away you can go in back of them and do the grab. However, they move too much and you will end up breaking their back.
Chapter 3: Ledge in mine: If you are having trouble getting across the ledge in the mine after the prison break, go to the wall with the ledge and enter "wall mode". You will scoot across and will not perish in a darkened abyss.
Chapter 13: Voice access: Kill one of the men that has green on. You will see a man in yellow walk out in the open and run back. After a moment, the man in the yellow will run over to you. When he does this, and grab him. If another man runs with him, kill him and leave the man in yellow alive. Take him to give the voice authorization and you will be able to open gate. When you go over to the gate, a lot of men will be there. An easy way to kill all of them is to run up to them and grab one as a shield. The man you grab will get killed quickly. Keep doing this until only one person remains.
Chapter 14: Fahook uses bottle: After defeating Fahook once he goes into the back of the plane, when you get him very low on life he will drink from his bottle. At this time you should shoot the bottle out of his hands before he gains too much life. Doing this three or four times will destroy his bottle. Finish off his remaining life points and watch the intermission sequence.
Flaming Fisted Man warning: After defeating Flaming Fisted Man, the game restarts itself. This does not allow you to save your game, meaning that you either start a new game or continue fighting Flaming Fist Man repeatedly.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon

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