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Beach Spikers

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Virtua Cop costume:
Enter JUSTICE as a password to unlock Uniforms 105 and 106; and Sunglasses 94.
Daytona USA costume: Enter DAYTONA as a password to unlock Uniforms 107 and 108.
Fighting Vipers costume: Enter FVIPERS as a password to unlock Uniforms 109 and 110; Hair 75; and Face 51.
Space Channel 5 costume: Enter ARAKATA as a password to unlock Uniforms 111, 112, and 113; Hair 76; and Face 52.
Phantasy Star Online 2 costume: Enter PHANTA2 as a password to unlock Uniforms 114 and 115; Hair 77; and Face 53.
Sega costume: Enter OHTORII as a password to unlock Uniforms 116 and 117.


Play against Dural team:
Get a overall first place ranking in world tour mode.


Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding bonus.

Task .... Bonus
Complete arcade mode as Japan .... Uniforms 103-104
Complete arcade mode once .... Uniforms 87-88
Complete arcade mode two times .... Uniforms 90-91
Complete arcade mode three times .... Uniforms 93-94
Complete world tour mode .... Uniforms 96-102
Complete world tour mode .... Sunglasses 86-93
Complete world tour mode .... Hair 71-74
Complete world tour mode in first place overall .... Uniforms 89, 92, 95
Defeat Dural team .... Face 54-55
Complete all tutorial mode courses .... Uniforms 71-86

Submitted by: CheatBookJon, AJ and B. Parrish

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