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Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu
Batman Rise of Sin Tzu

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On the screen where you choose to play the Story or Challenge Modes, hold L + R and enter one of the Button Combos below to enable the Effect you require. You will hear a chime to confirm.

Button Combo .... Effect
Left, Right, Down, Up, Up, Down, Right, Left .... Infinite Combo Meter.
Up, Right, Up, Left, Down, Left, Down, Right .... Infinite Health.
Left, Down, Left, Right, Left, Left, Down, Right .... GivesAll Bonuses.
Down, Up, Down, Left, Down, Right, Up, Down .... Gives All Upgrades.
Right, Up, Up, Right, Left, Down, Right, Up .... Unlocks Dark Knight difficulty.

How to unlock the Alternate Costume: To get this you must successfully complete the game under the Easy Mode.
How to unlock making of Sin Tzu: To get this you must beat Sin Tzu at the end of the game.

Submitted by: AJ and CheatBookJon

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