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DVD Video Bloopers, Facts, Secrets and Hidden Features
X Men, Xmen

Concept art:
Select the Art Gallery option at the special features screen.
Highlight the Main Menu option at the next screen, then press Up to highlight Wolverine's dog tags.
Press Enter to view concept art for The Beast and The Blob, which were characters that were cut from the production.
Spider-Man: Select the Trailers And TV Spots option at the main menu.
Press Left to highlight the rose in the top left corner of the screen and press Enter to display a hidden screen featuring Spider-Man.
For the European version, select the DVD Special Features option at the main menu.
Select TV And Trailers. Press Left to highlight the knight, then press Enter.

Submitted by: Mike F

Where is it in the film?: 2 minutes into the movie.
Magneto's father has a star shaped badge on his coat.
It starts on the left, moves to the Right and then switches back to the left again.

Submitted by: Daniel McKaye

Where is it in the film?: In the Middle of the movie.
In the part where Mystique scams Rogue into thinking she's Bobby and tells her to run from the institute because of an incident earlier there she goes to a train station when Wolverine finds her. Before he does he steals Cyclops' motorcycle to get there, but when he's riding it's night. Now look to the scene where Rogue is on the train looking at a child and his mother, thinking about home. Look out the window, it's now day. Then when Logan gets on the train it's night again.

Submitted by: AJ

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