DVD Video Bloopers, Facts, Secrets and Hidden Features
Wild Wild West

Advance to the following Title and Chapters to view the corresponding featured scenes that are normally only accessible when the disc is used in a DVD-ROM drive in a PC.

Scene .... Disc index
Will Smith and the Mallet stunt .... Title 20 Chapter 1
Barry and Will play fight .... Title 21 Chapter 1
Actors playing around on the set .... Title 22 Chapter 1
Kevin Kline becomes Grant .... Title 23 Chapter 1
Painting in the live pictures .... Title 24 Chapter 1
Elaborate sets .... Title 25 Chapter 1
Magnet collars and flying blade scene .... Title 26 Chapter 1
Will Smith's horse stunt .... Title 27 Chapter 1
The Tarantula and CGI .... Title 28 Chapter 1
The Bike-Plane, CGI, and concept art .... Title 29 Chapter 1

Submitted by: Mike F

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