DVD Video Bloopers, Facts, Secrets and Hidden Features
Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace


On the first disc, go to the Options menu and type 1138 using your remote control.
On some player models you will have to press 10+, 1 and wait for the pause as the player accepts the input.
Then press 3 and wait for the pause.
Finally, press 8.
This will take you to some incredible bloopers from the movie, complete with DVD credits.

Access Different Menu Schemes

NABOO .... during the Attention warning screen, press the Audio key on your remote.
TATOOINE .... during the Attention warning screen, press the 2 key on your remote.
CORUSCANT .... during the Attention warning screen, press 2, 2 on your remote.


Insert the second disc of the set, and go to the Deleted Scenes and Documentaries menu screen.
Once there, select Deleted Scenes Only and on the page that says Complete Podrace Grid Sequence, highlight the Doc Menu and then press the Right arrow key on your remote control to highlight a small button.
Now press Enter and you’ll see a video clip on the making of the Podrace sequence.
In the same Deleted Scenes menu, browse to the Extended Podrace Lap 2 page.
Once again, highlight Doc Menu and press the Right arrow key to select the button.
This will give you access to a featurette covering the extended podrace sequence and elements that have been removed.

Palpatine's Hologram

On the second disc, select Trailers and TV Spots and press Enter, then select Go To TV Spots and press Enter again.
While there, if you wait for the music to run its course (it runs 19 seconds) three times, Palpatine's hologram will appear and tell the Federation leader "We must accelerate our plans."

Impatient Watto

Also on the second disc, select Animatics and Still Galleries and press Enter. Wait again for the music to play through (also 19 seconds), this time twice, and Watto will fly by and say "Hey, Offworlder! Pick something or get out of my shop!"

Submitted by: B. Taylor and H. Carter

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