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The Silence of the Lambs

Instructions for Accessing Features

The back of the box boasts a host of special features including trailers, stills galleries and a Anthony Hopkins Phone Message.
These cannot be viewed from the menu.
To find them, insert disc 2 and using your keypad skip straight to tracks 6-19.

Track .... Contents:
Track 6 .... Silence of the Lambs Trailer
Track 7 .... Silence of the Lambs Trailer
Track 8 .... Hannibal Trailer
Track 9 .... Silence of the Lambs Teaser
Track 10 .... Silence of the Lambs Teaser
Track 11 .... Anthony Hopkins Phone Message
Track 12 .... Clarice Photos
Track 13 .... Hannibal Photos
Track 14 .... Behind the Scenes Photos
Track 15 .... Jame Gumb, Catherine and Precious Photos
Track 16 .... Cast and Crew Photos
Track 17 .... FBI and Acadmey Photos
Track 18 .... Special Effects Photos
Track 19 .... Various Other Photos

Submitted by: Mike F

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