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DVD Video Bloopers, Facts, Secrets and Hidden Features
Scary Movie 2 (2001)


From the disc’s Main Menu go to the Bonus Material where you highlight the Main Menu entry.
Now press the Down arrow key on your remote and a red cat will appear in the upper part of the screen.
If you press Enter now you will get to see a rant by the talking parrot from the menus.
Another feature is hidden in the disc’s Setup menu.
There, go to the Captions and Subtitles menu and highlight the Spanish menu entry.
Then press the Right arrow key on your remote and the same red cat will appear.
Press Enter and you will be treated to another one of the talking parrot’s rants.
A third one can be found in the Sneak Peeks section on the disc.
Scroll through the titles until you see the Scream Trilogy.
Then press the Left arrow key on your remote and yet another red cat will appear.
This one will give you access to another rant by the parrot.

Submitted by: Mike F

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