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DVD Video Bloopers, Facts, Secrets and Hidden Features
The Residents: Icky Flix


On the Main Menu - (not one of the cube menus) select More Info at the bottom of the screen and then press Enter.
You will notice that the frame around the menu has a little eyeball wearing a top hat in the upper-left corner whereas the other corners just have a sphere.
Press the Right or Left arrow key on your remote control twice to highlight the eyeball, and then press Enter.
You will now be treated to a music video entitled Wormwood recorded live at House of Blues.


From the Credits, you can access Night Music with Conway Twitty in pretty much the same way as above.
Also from the Credits, if you hit the Right button 13 times, you can get to some footage from Pee Wee's Playhouse.
If you hit the Right arrow button 3 times in the Discography, you will be treated to Offbeat Night from Munich in 1988.
Pressing Right 5 times in the Technical Info section will bring up the MTV clip Slow Bob in the Lower Dimensions.

Then there is Cube-E Tour, which is accessed through the 'Flix Cube -> Third Reich and Roll -> More Info' menu screen. Also accessible from the 'Flix Cube' menu, go to 'Kick A Picnic' and then 'More Info' to see 'The 13th Anniversary Show' with Snakefinger from Oslo.
If you go to 'This is a Man's World' and then 'More Info' from the 'Flix Cube' menu screen, you will get to witness a segment of the 'Uncle Sam Mole Show' from 1983, and finally if you access the 'Vileness Fats -> More Info' menu from the 'Flix Cube,' you will be in for a treat as 'Love Leaks Out.'

Submitted by: Childoftime074

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