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Red Dwarf: Series III
Red Dwarf Series Three, Red Dwarf Series 3

Animated Short: Insert disc two and select Bonus Materials from the Main Menu. Now select Animated Menu and in the next menu screen highlight the traffic cone at the bottom of the screen. Now press the Down arrow key on your remote control and a question mark will appear on the screen. It will give you access to an animated short about the episode Polymorph with audio from the creators of the show. 
Deleted Scene: Insert disc one and from the Main Menu select the Select Episode menu entry. On the following screen, wait as the music plays itself out twice. On the third go-around, the music will change. It is here where you will need to move your red arrow cursor Down to the Drive Room option. You will then see the "Polymorph" creature move out of a box on the bottom left side of your screen and scurry his way towards the right. When he gets to the middle of the screen, just below your cursor, press the Down button on your remote control. This will highlight another question mark. Press Enter and you will be taken to a bonus deleted scene from Polymorph.

Submitted by: Mike F

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