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DVD Video Bloopers, Facts, Secrets and Hidden Features
Osmosis Jones


On the Main Menu, select the Smelly Features option.
Press Left to highlight the Gas Next Exit sign and press Enter.

On the Main Menu, select the Languages option.
Advance to the second screen, then highlight the Main Menu option.
Press Left to highlight Drix's head, then press Enter.

On the Main Menu, select the Frank's Gross Anatomy option. Then, select the The Earl of Hurl.
Press Up to highlight the funny bone, then press Enter.


Go to the scene selection feature and select #9.
Advance to the scene where Drix is going to leave through the bladder.
Pause the DVD at time index 1:01:52 or 71:52 (depending on your DVD player marks time).
When the disc is paused at the correct time index, look on the left side of your screen to see that a germ is holding Pikachu from the Pokemon series.

Submitted by: Codymaster

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