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Nine Inch Nails: And All That Could Have Been


On Disc 2 during Suck go to 1:06 and then press the up button followed by enter.

Ninety-Nine Commercial

On Disc 2 go to Supplemental Content go to Main Menu then press Left button, then the Up button, then Enter.

The Day The World Went Away Video

On Disc 2 right in between Head Like a Hole and Just Like You Imagined @ 16:15 press Left, Right, Down, then Up then Enter.


At the beginning of the song, hit enter a bunch of times (or maybe once at the exact right time, not sure) and it will jump to a single angle performance of gave up from a straight on vantage point in the crowd.

Marilyn Manson

During Starf***ers, after he finishes saying "don't you" and they rock out again, press enter a bunch of times and you'll get Marilyn Manson finishing out the song and them doing beautiful people, from the madison square garden show.

Submitted by: KornChic0182

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