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Nightmare on Elm Street Collection

Alternate Ending: To find the second alternative ending to A Nightmare On Elm Street go to the 'Labyrinth' section of the Nightmare Encyclopaedia disc. Now enter the first door on the right and pick up the key on the floor. When you are back in the main hall, walk forward once, and then enter the door on the left. Now walk forwards twice towards the wooden door, then turn left. In the corridor, turn right to face the locked door and highlight the lock and press enter to use your key. You will now be in a room with a large bust of Freddy. Back out of this room immediately and you will find yourself in a room filled with clocks. Back out of this room immediately and you will now be in from of a door that says "Fire Exit". Walk towards this door once until you can see the glass up close. Now enter "20" on your remote to see the second alternate ending.
Credits: Select the New Line Cinema logo from the Main Menu of the Nightmare Encyclopaedia disc. This will access DVD developer credits. In the developer credits, highlight Belief and press Enter. On the next screen press Up to highlight the circle with the word Belief written in it. You will be shown pictures of the Belief crew, some of who are wearing Freddy Krueger gloves.
Bonus "Scream": From the Main Menu, select the Labyrinth option. You will be presented with a screen with a blinking ?. Wait for roughly 30 seconds and Freddy Krueger will run out of a door on the left, stand in the middle of the hall, and then run into the doorway on the right. Shortly afterwards you will hear Tina screaming.

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