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Monsters Inc


On Disc 2, go through the door marked "Humans Only".
Next, go through the door marked "Pixar" and on the next screen where it says "Pixar Fun Factory", highlight the Monsters, Inc. logo at the bottom right of the screen (it will turn black).
Press Left on your remote and a black circle will appear around the the floating paper plane.
Press Enter to watch footage of the "1st Annual Pixar International Air Show".


Insert Disc 2 and go through the door marked "Monsters Only". On the next screen underneath "New Monster Adventures", there should be an arrow pointing to the right.
Make sure it is highlighted and press Right on your remote to highlight the "eye" in the Monsters, Inc. logo.
Press Enter to play an animated gag reel.


To get the DVD credits, go into the Humans World and head for the Pixar door.
When on that, press Down and you will highlight the credits on one of the door runways.


Alternately, on Disc 2, go in to the Humans World, then through the Pixar door.
Highlight the Monsters, Inc. Eye and then press Left and you will be able to select the plane that is flying around.

Submitted by: S. Matthews

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