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The Matrix

Follow the White Rabbit

Go to the Special Features area of the DVD and go to the Making the Matrix option and hit Enter.
When the new screen pops up, select the option The Dreamworld and hit Enter.
When this screen pops up hit Continue and select the option Follow the White Rabbit.
Now, when watching the film, nine white rabbits will appear in the lower left-hand corner of the screen.
When one appears, hit Enter and a behind the scenes featurette of that specific sequence will play.
When it's over you will return to your place in the film.

White Rabbit Chapter Sequence
[Chapter 1] - Trinity In A Jam
[Chapter 10] - Slimy Re-birth
[Chapter 15] - Morpheus/Neo Matchup
[Chapter 23] - Glitch in the Matrix
[Chapter 24] - One Left Behind
[Chapter 29] - Lobby Shooting Sequence
[Chapter 30] - Dodge This
[Chapter 32] - Rooftop Rescue
[Chapter 33] - Subway Showdown


From the disc's Main Menu go to the Special Features and there select The Dream World.
Apart from the text menu entries you will also see a red pill.
Select it and you will be taken to the What Is Bullet Time? documentary.


In the Special Features section, go to Cast & Crew Bios and there select the Warchowsky Brothers.
This will bring up another red pill.
Select it and you will be taken to a 12-minute documentary called What Is Concept?.

Where is it in the film? At the beginning.
As Neo is escaping from the agents at his place of work, they first show the outside of the building with the name of the company spelled as Metacortex.
Later, as neo is running past the agents inside the building, the name of the company is spelled Meta Cortechs.


Where is it in the Film? When Neo meets Morpheous.
When Neo meets Morpheous for the first time, Morpheous has his hands behind his back.
When they show Neo shaking his hand, Morpheous's other hand is at his side.
They then cut to showing them still shaking hands from Neos point of view.
Morpheous now has his other hand behind his back once again.

Submitted by: AJ,  Mike F, David Kaye and Alan L

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