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Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


Gollum at the MTV Movie Awards: Insert the first DVD from the box set – the one containing the first half of the movie. From the Main Menu go to the Select A Scene menu where you proceed to the last page of these scene selections. Now highlight the Of Herbs And Stewed Rabbit menu entry and press the Down arrow key on your remote control. The One Ring will appear on the screen and if you press Enter you will see some footage of Peter Jackson congratulating you on finding this hidden feature, followed by the clip from the MTV Movie Awards featuring Gollum's acceptance speech for "Best Virtual Performance".
Whoops.. Lost My Sword: In the scene where Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli meet Eomer for the first time, look closley at Eomer after he gives them the two horses. When he says, "Look for your friends, but do not trust to hope," look at his sheath, near the bottom of the screen. You can see that his sword is dangling out of its sheath, and then falls out. (This is hard to spot, you may need to do frame by frame)
Change of Clothes: During Sam's "The stories that really mattered" speach near the end of the movie, Aragorn changes his clothes twice. After Theoden shouts, "Victory! We have Victory!" Aragorn shows up wearing his Helms Deep battle clothes. then he walks up to Eowyn wearing the clothes he fell into the river with while fighting the wargs. Then when Gandalf leads everybody up onto a ridge, Aragorn is wearing his Helms deep clothes again.
Reverse Footage Used: When the Ents attack Isengard, look closley at Saruman at the balcony. In one of his shots, his hair is blowing backwards AKA reversed footage.
What arrow?: During the battle of the Deeping wall at Helms Deep, you can see one elf at the left of the screen aiming and firing his bow, complete with sound effect. The problem? There is no arrow notched.
Shadowfax has a Saddle: Throughout the entire move, Shadowfax has no saddle for Gandalf to ride on. If you look closly at the end of the move when Gandalf rides to the top of a ridge, you can see that Gandalfs feet are in stirrups. Guess he didint feel safe about charging down the hill withought a saddle.
How Did That Get There?: At Osgiliath, one of Faramir's men is carrying Frodo and Sam's swords at all times. So how did Frodo get Sting back to try and stab Sam?

Submitted by: Andy E, Jeff S and Martin J

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