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Linkin Park: Frat Party


Use your dvd remote to manually go to Title 3, Chapter 1.
There's 12 minutes of backstage footage and a few clips of live performances.

Points of Authority LIVE at DragonFest

Go to Disc Set-up. Wait for about a minute.
Enter 1489712 and hit the Play button between numbers.

"A Place for my Head" Before Linkin Park was Famous

In the Beginnings chapter, a little bit after Chester starts talking about his bite marks, it shows Brad with the captions "From the beginning" on the bottom, when you see that hit Enter.

One Step Closer, BACKWARDS

Go to edit setup and click "yes" to turn on the directors commentary and then watch OSC.

One Step Closer, REMIX

Go to the normal "One Step Closer" video on the DVD, when Chester says his last "SHUT UP", hit Enter, and it will go to the audio of the Remix version.

Submitted by: CCuStout and Mike F

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