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Jonah: A Veggietales Story

Bonus Outtakes:
On bonus disc 2, select FUN! then select DVD-ROM Fun, then press the Right arrow. An arrow will light up over the video game button. Press play to see funny Jonah plush toy scene outtakes featuring Khalil.
Motivational Tapes: On bonus disc 2, select The Misic. Go to Billy Joe McGuffrey, then press Left. A bowling ball will appear over the guitar. Press play to hear Khalil's motivational tapes.
Bonus Interview: On bonus disc 2, highlight Bonus Materials and press the Right arrow key on your remote. You will get an interview with Bob and Larry.
Bootleg Bonus: On bonus disc 2, select Bonus Materials and go to Outtakes (Spanish), then press Right. A soda bottle will light up. Press play to see a "bootleg" copy of Jonah being shot by ze French peas.
Bootleg Box Cover: On bonus disc 2, select Trailers + Previews. Go to 3-2-1 Penguins, then press Right. A bowling ball will light up. Press play to see a picture of a Chinese Jonah bootleg box cover.

Submitted by: Paul Cross

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