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DVD Video Bloopers, Facts, Secrets and Hidden Features
Jeepers Creepers


When you are at the Main Menu page, highlight Languages and then hit Left to highlight the rope.
Then hit Enter.
Instead of seeing various excerpts to the right of the screen you see the eye of the villain moving around staring at you.


From the Main Menu, go to Scene Selection.
On the bottom, where it breaks it down by chapters, higlight the 1-4 chapters.
Press Up and you will highlight a stitch in-between the scenes.
Press Enter and you will see a clip of Richard Matheson telling us where he got the idea for the "Duel".

Director Makes a Cameo

Access the Filmography of Writer/Director Victor Salva.
Press Up on the remote until the v-shaped stitch on the upper right corner of the screen is highlighted.
Hit Enter and see the director's cameo as one of the bodies nailed to the wall of the Creeper's lair.

Submitted by: Snappybush and Mike F

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