DVD Video Bloopers, Facts, Secrets and Hidden Features
Independence Day


On the second disc of the release, go to the Data Console.
Highlight the Main Menu entry on this screen and then press the Right arrow button on your remote control, which will start up the computer and display the message Access: 7-4-Enter on the computer monitor.
Accompanied by music you will also notice that the alien space ship in the background is now floating, as you have basically activated the ship.
Return to the Main Menu to enter the ship.
Time is of the essence here, as you will have to enter the ship before it is shut down after about 7 seconds.
Use your remote control to enter the numbers 7 and 4 and then press the Enter key and you will find yourself inside the space ship with an entirely new menu.
This procedure is handled differently on different players however.
If your player's remote control has a +10 key, you will have to press this one 7 times and then follow it up by pressing the 4 key and then Enter.
Some player's don't require you to press the Enter key at all, while other may need you to press +10 once, followed by the 7 key, then the 4 and Enter.
It is a bit tricky and may require a little experimentation depending on your player model.

Once inside the ship you have access to he production credits of the DVD, as well as the Combat Review, a section in which you will get to see randomly picked combat and explosion scenes from the movie.
The Newscast Broadcasts will show you one of 22 randomly picked pseudo-real broadcast segments that were created for the film.
Each of them is significantly longer than the bits you get to see in the movie, so make sure to check them out.
Another section is called Sound Layer and gives you the chance to watch a 10-minute segment of the movie with isolated audio tracks.
One track contains the dialogues only. Another one contains only the film's sound effects.
A third one contains only the music and the fourth track feature the final mix of all elements together.

There are also hidden features within this hidden feature.
If you enter the code 7-3-Enter and 7-2-Enter, the other two important dates in the movie, the same way you entered the first access code, you will get to see menus through which you can directly select the combat and broadcast scenes.
That way you don't have to rely on watching the randomly picked segments and can instead choose exactly which one you want to see.

Submitted by: D. P. Olivia

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