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Special Edition version
Select the Special Features option and advance to the second screen to find an option for a preview of the PlayStation game, Tomorrow Never Dies.


Where is it in the film?: Before the opening credits.
When 007 is breaking into the base at the very beginning of the movie, he cuts open a metal roof using a laser mounted on his gun.
When he moves the laser around, the areas which are being cut are not where the laser is pointed.


Where is it in the film?: Self-destructed building scene.
When Natalia is in a self-destructed building, when the satellite falls through the roof, her hair is perfect.
When the camera gets a close up of her reaction to the crashing of the satellite, her hair is all messed up.
Now, when she the camera closes up on her while she climbs out of the dish, her hair is back to the way it was.

Submitted by: AJ and B. Taylor

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