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Finding Nemo


Easter Eggs: Disc One (Widescreen):
1. Select Bonus Features from the Main Menu. Scroll Down to Virtual Aquariums on the Bonus features menu. Press Left twice, and you should have a fish highlighted on the right side of the screen. Select the highlighted fish for a message from Bruce the shark. 
2. On the same Bonus Features menu, scroll Down to Virtual Aquariums, and press Right once then Down, you then should have another fish highlighted. Select that fish for a surprise. 
3. From the Bonus Features menu, select Visual Commentary. On the Visual Commentary menu, highlight Index, then press Left once, then Up. 
4. Select Visual Commentary Index form the Visual Commentary menu. Highlight Play All and press Left. 
5. From the Main Menu, choose Set Up. On the Set Up menu, scroll Down to Sub Titles and press Left. 
Easter Eggs: Disc Two (Full Screen):
1. Select Bonus Features from the Main Menu. Scroll Down to Virtual Aquariums, then press Right once and Down once. You will have a highlighted fish, select the fish for an advertisement for the Aquascum 2003. 
2. From the Bonus Features menu, choose Mr. Rays Encyclopedia, scroll to the return arrow in the bottom right corner, then press Down. 
3. From the Bonus Features menu, select Behind the Scenes. Highlight Studio Tour and press Up.

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