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The Fast and the Furious


From the main menu, select bonus materials.
Then arrow down to Multiple Camera Angle Stunt Sequence. Then arrow right.
You'll see what appears to be a yellow steering wheel appear over the right hand tail light of the tractor trailer.
Press Enter and you'll get to see the final stunt in an extended format using all eight camera angles.


Go the the Bonus Materials menu and select Racer X: The Article That Inspired The Movie.
When the article is on the screen, cursor up and a steering wheel will appear by the title.
Selecting this will show a short video that starts with interviews and ends with several shots from the movie.


Where is it in the film? During the end chase scene.
When Brian is chasing the 2 dirt bikes over each hill in his orange Supra, watch for the ramps.
The stunt technicians forgot to hide the ramps or the editors forgot to cut them off.
Each bike takes a different ramp while Brian goes straight over them, one tire on each.

Where is it in the film? After the street race.
When Dom and Brian are fleeing the police officer, it shows the Eclipse sliding around the corner then the shot out the back window.
It shows the cop car miss the car, then it shows it get hit by the car.


Where is it in the film? Race wars scene
When Jesse races for slips, he is in a Jetta, a 4 door with a fairly boxy body, on close up side views, note that he is in a 2 door with a much more sharply raked windshield, probably a Honda.
The front windows are much longer, the rear are shorter and curved.

Where is it in the film? 5 minutes in.
The first time the Honda Civic's go after the Semi-Truck full of electronics, you can see the shadow of the rig/boom truck on the ground beside the semi-trucks/honda civics (because there was a bright light coming from behind the camera).

Where is it in the film? Not sure...
Dom goes over and grabs Vince's beer from him and brings it back to Brian, he grabs his shirt to wipe the top of it, and then the scene goes back to Vince, when it comes back to Brian again, he then re-grabs his shirt and wipes the beer off.


Where is it in the film? Truck chase scene.
When Letty wrecks her black civic while chasing the truck while the car is on it's top look in the car. You can see the rollcages that the stuntmen used. The editors forgot to edit it out.

Submitted by: Jon MacMillan, Nathan, Mike F, Losersville007 and ForNever

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