DVD Video Bloopers, Facts, Secrets and Hidden Features
Big Eden


The third hidden feature is located on the second disc of the release.
From the Main Menu go to the Deleted Scenes menu.
There highlight the Director's Commentary On entry and then press the Up arrow on your remote control.
This gives you access to a scene of Dean's female interest playing the violin.


Insert the first disc of the set and in the Director's Commentary section, highlight the On menu entry.
Then press the Up arrow key on your remote control.
You will now have the chance to witness actor Arye Gross talk about his teeth, which are prepped in a weird monster-like manner.


Another one can be found in the Scene Selections.
On the first page of the selections, highlight the Next menu entry and then press the Up key on your remote control.
This will give you access to footage of Dean and Henry doing a dance on the band stand.

Submitted by: S. Matthews

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