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Best of Bowie


On disc one, program your remote to Title 2, Chapter 1 to see an alternate take of "Oh, You Pretty Things" where Bowie edits out the "Earth is a B**ch" line and almost starts laughing. This was take two of the song and has never been broadcast.

Bonus Interview Clip

On the track listing menu, move to Drive In Saturday and press Right, then Enter. A brief interview clip from the same show as the performance is then yours.


Select play all from the Main Menu on disc two, then fast forward through every track at the highest speed your dvd player can handle, including the video to "Survive".
When the Main Menu loads up again, select play all. The title the disc selects should be Title 02 instead of Title 01 now. Fast forward through all the videos up to "Thursday's Child". Slow down here, because directly after this, the live video for "Survive" is yours to enjoy!

Hidden MTV Video for "Blue Jean"

During the hidden "Jazzin For Blue Jean" video, when Bowie's love interest selects a video from the pub jukebox and Bowie appears on the tv screen, press Enter and the MTV video for "Blue Jean" will be yours!

Mandarin Version of "Seven Years in Tibet"

At the title screen for the track, there is a mandarin subtitle at the bottom of the screen. When this is on the screen, press Enter to get the Mandarin version of "Seven Years in Tibet".

"Miracle Goodnight" Video
Go to the track listing display on disc two. Leave the player alone for five minutes, and the video for "Miracle Goodnight" is yours!

"Day-In-Day-Out" Remix

The "Day-in-Day-Out Remix" appears every second time you select 'Day-In-Day-Out' from the track listing menu.

Ziggy Movie Ad

On the track listing menu, move to Ziggy Stardust and press Right, then Enter.
A page advertising the Ziggy movie dvd appears.

Submitted by: Adrian C and Mike F

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