Ultimate Fighting Championship

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Enter the codes below as your first name in Career mode.
You can enter anything you want as your last name.
Choose No when you are asked to save.
The names are case-sensitive, enter them as written.

Name .... Character it Unlocks
Big John .... John McCarthey
Smile .... Card Girl
Chop .... Karate Fighter
Sasuke .... Ninja Fighter
Mask .... Pro-Wrestler
Kung-Fu .... Kung-Fu Fighter
Punch .... Kick Boxer

Enter the codes below as your hometown in Career mode.
Choose No when you are asked to save.
The names are case-sensitive, enter them as written.

Hometown .... Character it Unlocks
OCTAGON .... Ulti-Man
CIRCLE .... Sumo Wrestler
STREET .... Street Fighter
MAT .... Amateur Wrestler

Enter the first name as best and the last name buy in Career mode to get 999 skill points.


Get Bruce Buffer as referee
Hold down L and R during match loading screen.
Now you will see Bruce Buffer introduce the fighters and he is the referee in the match.

Cut YOUR opponents life by half
To give your opponent half the life, hold the L trigger and the R trigger when Bruce Buffer is introducing the match.
Then press start while still holding the triggers and your opponent will have half of his life.
Note: This trick does not work in the Exhibition or Tournament modes.


Secret Character
Play the UFC mode and win with an player created fighter and you will get Bruce Buffer.

Get Ultiman
Win "CHAMPIONSHIP ROAD" with all 22 fighters and you will get ULTIMAN. He's the guy on the UFC logo.

Get Big John McCarthey
Pass the Championship mode with a player created player and get the Referee John McCarthey.

Get Card Girl
Beat UFC Mode (Silver Belt) with all 22 fighters to get Card Girl.

Dragon mask and pro-wrestling style
Just beat UFC mode with Frank Shamrock and you can create a player with pro-wrestling style and even have your create a player that wears a mask

Sunmitted by: Tony Lacarno

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