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Go to the menu, select the Special and then cheats.
You can now enter one of the passwords below to enable the effect you require.

Password .... Effect
LEANEST .... Unlocks almost everything
MME WEB .... Unlocks level select
ADMNTIUM .... Unlimited health
GLANDS .... Unlimited Webbing
FUNKYTWN .... Cartoon Spider-Man
KIRBYFAN .... Unlocks all comic covers
FANBOY .... Unlock all comic books
CINEMA .... Unlock all FMV sequences
RGSGLLRY .... Unlock all characters in the Character-viewer
ROBRTSON .... Unlock the storyboard viewer
WEAKNESS .... Full Health
EGOTRIP .... Toggles Pulsating Head-mode!
STICKMAN .... Toggles Stickman-mode!
SECRTWAR .... Unlocks the Symbiote Spidey costume
MIGUELOH .... Unlocks the Spidey 2099 costume
TRISNTNL .... Unlocks the Captain Universe costume
SYNOPTIC .... Unlocks the Spidey Unlimited costume
XILRTRNS .... Unlocks the Scarlet Spider costume
KICK ME .... Unlocks Amazing Bag Man costume
MRWATSON .... Unlocks Pater Parker costume
CLUBNOIR .... Unlocks Ben Reilly costume
SM LVIII .... Unlocks Quick Change Spidey costume
UATUSEES .... Unlocks The What If? Contest:
You must begin a new game, after level 1 the watcher greets you and explains what is happening...

Submitted by: AJ and Jason B

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