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Money cheat
This cheat requires two separate memory cards/VMUs. Buy a car then save your game on both VMUs. Then send the car from one VMU to the other VMU. then load the game from the VMU you moved the car to and sell the extra car. Do this till you have enough to get a NSX or a Viper (the most expensive cars in the game) Buy the car then save to the second card trade to the high money card. load it then save it to the second card then send another NSX or Viper to the first card. Then do it all over again till you have a load of those cars then sell them all off!!


Unlock The W.S.K. (World Speed King) Races
You need to complete all of the Official races and Event races to unlock the first ending sequence and the W.S.K. Races. The WSK Races are Front Drive Car Cup, Rear Drive Car Cup and 4 Wheel Drive Car Cup.

Submitted by: Ludo Tyrone

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