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Complete single player missions under various difficulties to unlock cheats in multi-player mode.
Press Start to pause game play in multi-player mode, then select the cheat option from the menu.

Successfully complete the game to unlock a maze mini-game on the VMU.
Successfully complete the maze-mini game.
The message "Cheat unlocked" will appear on the main game screen to confirm correct completion.
This cheat allows you allows to survive all falls.

To perform these functions you will need a Dreamcast Keyboard and a Dreamcast Mouse.
Start a game as normal, while in the game hit the ~ button to access the System console.
You can now enter the codes below.
Note: The commands are not considered "cheats" but merely alternate ways to perform certain useful functions in the game.

/who .... Display a list of players, both AI and Human.
/say .... Type your message and have it displayed to every player.
/say4 .... Speak to Player 4
/say3 .... Speak to Player 3
/say2 .... Speak to Player 2
/say1 .... Speak to player 1
\help .... Display the list of commands.
/tell_attacker .... Deliver a personal message to your attacker.
/say_team .... Deliver a message to your team. (used in team based modes.)
/tell_target .... Deliver a personal message to your targeted enemy.
/clear .... Clear the game console.

Cheat mode (alternate)
Note: The following codes require a Dreamcast Keyboard Type in ;raster 1 to unlock all commands. Enter one of the following commands to activate the corresponding effect. Note: Type \ followed by a letter to list all commands that begin with that letter.

Effect .... Code
God Mode .... \god
Walk through walls .... \noclip
Enemies will not attack .... \notarget
Enable all start menu cheats .... \cl_cheats 31

Map select (off line mode)
Start an offline multi-player match with human players, then press [F12] or ~ to display the console screen at the map, time, and frag selection screen. Type ;map dc_map<01-24> to begin the match at the indicated level.

Alternate Capture The Flag commentary
Go to multi-player mode, select player one for your controller, and make the rest of the players CPU-controlled. Select "Capture the Flag" as your game. Set up your player's name so that the word "ass" appears along with any other word. For example, dumb ass, big ass, etc. In Capture The Flag, the CPU leader when giving you commands will call you by another form of the word. For example, dumb heinie, dumb bum, dumb bottom, etc. This will not affect the outcome of the game.


General strategy
Always strafe in a circle around whoever you are shooting. Never stop moving. Always try to get rocket launcher first, then jump and zig-zag run to avoid getting shot. Always use the plasma gun when you have quad damage since it shoots fastest and can hold a lot of ammunition. Run backwards away from people and shoot them at same time.

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