Pop N Music 2

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UNLOCK THE Hidden Lounge song
On the Title screen, press:
Left, Up, Left, Up, Left, Up, Left, Up, Y, Start

UNLOCK THE Hidden J-R&B Song
On the Title screen, press:
B, Y, Y, Down, R, Y, Up, Left, Left + Start

Play the game for the amount of time listed to unlock that song type:
Cute: 2 hours
New Fork: 2.5 hours
Sexy Girls: 3 hours
J. Garage Pop: 5 hours
Lounge: 4.5 hours
J-R&B: 4 hours
Akiba: 6 hours
Live: 6.5 hours
Avangrade: 7 hours

Rally mode, survival mode and 5 or 7 buttons option
Play the game for over five hours.

Hyper song versions
Play all the songs once.
Now, hold Select when choosing a song at the stage select screen.
Note: This cannot be done in Beginner Mode.

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